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The first china-us occupational health seminars

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On September 15 to 16, by the national safety supervision administration center for international exchanges and cooperation and jointly organized by the American industrial hygiene association of "the first international symposium on occupational health of China and the United States" was held in Shanghai, the theme of "occupational health work is facing the challenges and opportunities".
The symposium set two main issues, four issues and occupational health and occupational safety and health cooperation projects in central Europe workshops.Meeting around the occupational hazards prevention and control and regulation of new train of thought, the global progress of occupational health and experience sharing, occupational health strategy, occupational health and emergency rescue and service mode, the occupational health education, certification and training, work sites and occupational hazard supervision and prevention, emerging issues such as occupational hazard prevention and conducted extensive exchanges and in-depth discussions.Workshop also specially set up exhibition area, invite occupational health inspection and appraisal certification institution and individual protective equipment research and development production, testing instruments and equipment research and development production enterprise such as on-site display.
Seminar got national safety supervision bureau, the U.S. department of labor's support.From China, the United States, Germany, Singapore, Finland, the Netherlands and other countries and regions, more than 50 experts made a speech.From the relevant government departments, occupational disease prevention and control institutions at home and abroad, the institution of disease prevention and control, production safety research institutions, occupational-health technical service organizations, all kinds of enterprises, more than 200 delegates attended the seminar.
As one of the world famous international enterprises on occupational health and Active Release Techniques (ART) were invited to attend the seminar, is also a gold sponsor of this conference, with the exhibition area, is one of the largest enterprises show area in the seminar.And by well-known creative design construction organization - excitation in the exhibition (JOINEXPO) finish.Excitation in the exhibition (JOINEXPO) is wound group (JOINGROUP) core members of the organization, is committed to the global exhibition one-stop services, business in Hong Kong, Europe, Middle East, the United States, Mexico and other places.
The booth plan follow the principle of environmental protection, sustainable, concise, visual, and considering the convenience and practicability of the exhibition from China to abroad, we successfully completed the this batch of the booth of customs declaration, customs clearance, warehousing, subsequent repeatable build