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Screen culture CASE


      In a deep understanding of Asia's film market demand, in the film market at home and abroad, and firmly grasp the latest developments, film and television industry in the world, is a forward-looking and international vision to film and television production company.
Company in media industry, investment and operation work shows, TV domain, has scientific and efficient market operation mechanism, thorough and effective market research department, the development of the open space, full of passion of outstanding talents, perfect customer service system.To have the concerted cooperation spirit, common ideals, high professional spirit, and thorough professional thinking, be able to get customer recognition and trust, establish a long-term stable relations of cooperation.

      Company focused on content of brand channel department to build the most professional film and television play ads marketing platform, currently with several content production companies and manufacturers to establish good relations of cooperation, the enterprise product brand and depth of the contents of the films and TV programs to spread.More has a professional service team, devotes to research, planning, television advertising can provide enterprises with implanted advertising pre-sale, sale, after-sale, concept experience feedback and other personal butler service.

      Company has the national top ten advertising planning experts, China's most influential planner, and created several exhibitions of works by radix stemonae, commercials, the senior director of the spot, the producer, the expert team, etc.