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SKF (General Bearing)-China International Bearing Exhibition

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When the bearing is delicious, every turn is taste

  For exhibitions, JOINEXPO always believes that it is essentially a brand communication, and the most direct way to spread is the booth. The soul of the booth is creativity; therefore, the exhibitor's booth must have a creative design. Make full use of the "five senses" of human beings to communicate and give different experiences to the audience.
  At the 2018 China International Bearing Exhibition, Zhongli Exhibition Group carried out a comprehensive design and construction of SKF's universal bearing booth. Founded in 1907 and headquartered in Sweden, SKF Group is a leader in bearing technology and manufacturing. It is the world leader in the rolling bearing industry and has a worldwide sales network. The Shining debut bearing exhibition is mainly to promote the promotion and brand promotion of the general bearing business of its company in China.

------Visual Design - The theme image wall uses technology blue, combined with LED light lines to interpret the use of universal bearings in the truck, trailer, and automotive markets.

------ Vision design - the flat design is a three-dimensional sense, using the slogan of brushed stainless steel material, complement each other.

------Visual design - exquisite and unique product display design, attracting strong interest from audiences at home and abroad

------Visual Communication Design-VIP Meeting Area Custom LOGO Cushion and Industrial Design Wind Sofa

------Hearing and tactile design - product design and installation of 21-inch touch one machine, more detailed anytime, anywhere

------Taste and smell design - on-site custom slogan and LOGO's polymer ice cream Touch your taste and smell

------ Quickly pick up your phone, share photos, enjoy delicious ice cream

------ Unforgettable moments, keep a good impression, 2019 bearing exhibition we will meet again!