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Exhibition display CASE

International Aerospace Exhibition - South Africa

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2013 International Astronautical Congress Exhibition
    Each year, the South African Ministry of Trade and Industry participates in 21 international exhibitions through the South African trade and investment department to enhance South Africa's national image and increase trade in locally processed products. Therefore, the IAF Conference and Exhibition is very important for South Africa, especially for emerging companies that can display their products on the international stage. Therefore, the design, construction and completion of the pavilion must be highly professional, creative, efficient and cost effective. The South African National Pavilion must fully demonstrate that South Africa is a dynamic and modern country. For the authenticity and export potential of the South African aviation industry and its vitality, it will attract the interest of countries all over the world.
As a company with more than 10 years of experience in exhibitions, Shanghai Chuangde Exhibition organizes professional staff and teams to fully consider and analyze the overall booth creative planning and operation and maintenance of the South African National Pavilion from the following aspects:
     7. The overall concept and design of the exhibition hall
The following general concept is very important and should be kept in mind when preparing the pavilion design.
  1.1 Visibility of the pavilion
It is vital that the South African National Pavilion stands out among its many competitors. Make sure that we can be seen at a glance in many exhibition halls. The main brand signs must be hung in the heights of the pavilion and clearly visible. Guaranteed to see large-scale industry charts that promote the advantages of the South African industry outside the pavilion. Lightboxes and industry charts are arranged for each exhibitor booth. The design of the pavilion must be maneuverable, so that all six exhibitors can display their products with the greatest advantage. An “open” booth is recommended. The attachment can be seen in the design of the previous booth.
1.2 The “look and feel” of the design
The appearance and feel of the booth should reach world-class standards, so as to attract exhibitors to their booths, so that visitors can recall the experience of visiting our pavilion and attract media coverage. We want to convey an image of a continuously improving and successful agricultural product processing supply industry. In order to maximize the exhibitors' promotion, the pavilion design should make the exhibitors face the aisle. We hope that the booth builders will create a dignified, modern and elegant booth atmosphere. In order to present this modern look and feel, the following materials should be used, such as: glass, light boxes, high-tech materials, etc.; video walls (TV walls) and lighting should also be used to make the stand a modern and classic atmosphere.
7.2.1 Exhibition signs and signs
The officially licensed exhibitors are as follows:
First-level exhibition card:
South Africa (South Africa) flag in English. This is the highest exhibition hall in the entire pavilion.
Secondary display:
The logo of "Brand South Africa" is a secondary display;
The collage of the President of South Africa should be placed at the main information desk;
Large industry image and marketing information should be visible in the distance.
Third-level display:
The signboard of each exhibitor: the name of the exhibitor (company name) and the company logo (logo), the logo size and the text are the same.
7.2.2 Completion of the platform/topic structure
The entire South African booth, including the main identity tower (reception area), display base and other equipment should be laminated - no paintwork is used due to environmental requirements.
7.2.3 Interior walls and ceilings
The ceiling of the conference room (if there is enough space) is decorated with a white fabric mesh and should be built with fireproofing material.
7.2.4 door
All entrances should be framed solid frosted glass fashion door handles that can be locked.
7.2.5 High platform & floor
The entire South African national pavilion must be built on a 120mm high wooden platform with side backlit and aluminum side skirts. All areas are covered with laminate flooring.
7.2.6 Lighting & Power Equipment
A qualified, licensed electrical engineer should calculate all required mains to ensure that the entire project goes smoothly, including internal wiring, power outlet connections, and distribution boxes, as well as calculating the cost of electricity to maintain the entire show. All booths should have adequate power supply to ensure the dynamics of the exhibition - if necessary, a spotlight is recommended.
7.2.7 (if the venue allows) public areas
According to the size of the booth, a reception area (a bar in front of the kitchen) is set up. The bar should have a high stool and up to 4-5 bistro-style tables and chairs, allowing exhibitors and visitors to have formal discussions. This area also has a specific performance photo of the South African aviation industry. Please estimate the cost of placing these photos on the light box. The company should indicate where these good photos will be placed on the stand.
7.2.8 Reception Desk
In the most conspicuous place of the exhibition hall, there is a reception desk facing the main aisle of the exhibition hall, which is consistent with other design styles in the exhibition hall. It requires a length of about 1500mm and a height of about 1200mm. A detachable storage drawer is built in. Two high-back reception chairs are located next to the reception desk, including an information area with counters for brochures, posters and exhibitor lists. Display the information on the exhibits authorized by the Ministry of Trade and Industry of South Africa on the information counter with a CD-ROM drive. Please check the electronic drawings. The information mentioned below must be displayed on the main reception desk: from the headquarters of the Ministry of Trade and Industry of South Africa.
Please suggest / recommend the type of furniture. Attach photos of recommended furniture, as well as a list of various rental providers.
The following images and text should be placed on the reception desk:
Ø Text: South African National Pavilion Empowered by the Department of Trade and Industry, South Africa
Ø The text of the South African Department of Trade and Industry logo
Ø The brand on the reception desk (display) cannot exceed one third of the entire table
On the wall behind the reception desk, the signs placed in the light box are as follows:
Ø Abstract mosaic of the president;
Ø Logo of the South African brand (Brand South Africa);
Ø World map and South Africa map, marking the geographical location of South Africa, marked with a light effect below;
Ø Exhibitor company and company logo;
Ø Plasma screen (with speaker and computer)
Other supplies:
Ø 2 light boxes are located in the reception area;
Ø The size of the light box should meet the size of the reception area;
Ø 2 manual boxes / shelves;
Ø trash can;
Ø Plants used in reception areas and public areas.
All furniture, including the locker and the display stand that can be locked, are of superior quality – no “standard booths” are accepted.
7.2.9 Kitchen / storage area (9 square meters)
Provide the necessary equipment to create a complete kitchen area (refrigerator, kitchen sink, water dispenser, coffee machine, shelf, cutlery and utensils), coffee/tea, sugar, condensed milk/milk near the reception area, there must be enough Storage space. A coat rack and lockable cabinets are provided for the storage of computers, handbags and other valuables.
7.2.10 meeting room
Due to the limited space, there are no meeting rooms.
7.2.11 Land occupation of each booth
Due to the limited display area, it is recommended to design an open booth. Each booth has a back wall in the display area and an industrial icon on the wall. Each exhibitor has a maximum of 15 square meters to display his/her products and display industry icons/products on the back wall panels, but the South African National Aviation Administration and Denel Dynamics will each receive 20 square meters of exhibition space.
Basic furniture for 7 exhibitors:
Ø 1 round table 3 chairs (size);
Ø 1 square counter (lockable) / glass display stand / podium (description size) / 3 shelves;
Ø indicate that there is a trash can in the design;
Ø 3 light boxes for company brochures (if possible).
In the end, Joinexpo successfully completed the project of the South African National Pavilion through the efforts of the professional construction team and related personnel.