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Development history ABOUT US

Looking back, we are full of passion
Looking forward to the future, we are full of hope
With a good expectation for the future
We started the excitation in the group's a brand new journey.
In 2003
Company in east China university of science and technology in the rental office, everyone put start-up period this spirit of arduous struggle the spirit called warren.
In 2005
In the electronic industry, building materials industry, financial industry, environmental protection and energy saving, real estate, auto show, consumer industries, the market share is ahead.
In 2008
Won the national display design engineering enterprises, China's convention and exhibition brand list title of honor.
In 2010
Participate in the expo intangible cultural heritage exhibition the preparation
In 2011
The company was set up for the building, business major architectural decoration, garden greening, hotel, exhibition hall construction.
In 2012
Gen after Shanghai show the convention and exhibition company engineering and technical committee expert group review, won the display design engineering two grade qualification enterprise, and carries on the real-name registration for the record in each big exhibition hall, has won the "most brand value of convention and exhibition services company", "China's convention and exhibition industry gold finger prize exhibition service enterprises in China top 10", "ten best exhibition service providers in China.
In 2015
Excitation in the group of gen, conference and exhibition, and for building resources reorganization, and set up a wound in the exhibition (Shanghai) co., LTD., will be entirely responsible for excitation group in the mainland business.
In 2016
The country's first Internet + exhibition of professional networking platform "mouse" is online (