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Talent concept JOBS

      Excitation in the exhibition always adhere to "do one global brand activation experts" for the mission, in the human resources management, the company adhere to the "four, six have" talent concept: regardless of age, regardless of education degree, no matter in morning and evening, no matter the distance feeling, as long as have a loyalty, so long as has the learning ability, as long as challenging, so long as has the dedication to work, as long as have a sense of responsibility, as long as have pragmatic spirit, can get promoted and reuse.For employees to create a good working environment, living environment, learning environment, Shared with staff development, realizes the person and the common development of the enterprise.

      Excitation in the exhibition always take human resources as a strategic resource, advocate everyone equal opportunities, fair blockbuster.Adhere to the "senior talent no policy" lead to ideas, adhere to the "to be able to do the labor of duty is the talent, to innovation spirit is the excellent talents" talent, provide talents with good development space, leading the development of the enterprise through talents.

      Human resource management is the core of "people-oriented, scientific management", for personnel selection, use, excitation exhibition in adhere to the "having both ability and political integrity, good first" concept of talent selection, adhere to the "everyone has a talent, everyone has a talent stage" YongRenGuan, establish and perfect a set of scientific talent management system, so that each has a capable and technology, has the dedication to work, there is sense of responsibility and enterprising people in the company's continuous development, can play to their talents, realize their life values.

      Talent is one of the important resources of enterprise development.Company in the development of the growing at the same time, in the hope that more people with lofty ideals to join excitation group development, to promote the wound group enterprise forever forward, immortal!