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About the essence and characteristics of exhibition design materials

Release time:2016-01-04      Hits:634

      Is the essence of the nature and features, design innovation, the display design material and structure also requires innovation.Traditional display design continues commercial space design and advertising design, selection of materials mainly with conventional adornment material is given priority to, in the structure design is more complex, high cost, low efficiency, although in appearance is close to the effect of advertisement design, is not fully demonstrate the features of the design.Display design of material and structure in the mainly embodied in the following aspects: aging short display design rendering time is generally shorter, the market share of high commercial display activities, generally only about 7 days, such as common automobile, real estate fairs, as for promotional display may be less than 1 day time.Even in the museum exhibition space, such as culture, short residence time also won't be frequent, display design works also requires fully presented to the audience in a short time.
      Therefore, exhibition design is to create a everyone can accept and adapt to the space, let the audience in which accept information, enrich their knowledge, education and enlightenment, and is the watch for a short period of time and the infected, not long life, work in the exhibition space.Short time is an important characteristic of display design, it requires that the exhibition space image must be novel, unique, lighting, props, color and display must be beneficial to show behavior, make people easy to understand, accept and impressive.Should pay attention to timeliness, can't show garlic street materials and decoration materials, the same, at least use the priorities should be different.In commercial exhibition garlic street in general is given priority to with bright and clean, bright, cheap materials, achieve the result of a quick victory, culture should pay attention to performance of material texture, simple sense, should be different, the audience in the limited visiting time strengthen memory.