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The colour of exhibition space design materials

Release time:2016-01-04      Hits:594

       The design elements of the color is striking, when we see different atmosphere produced after using different colour, will was deeply attracted by the glamour of colour "that makes people the discussion and understanding of color to the broader development space, and the understanding of the exhibition decoration materials is not only confined to the metal or other specific material. Whether in what works exhibition decoration materials of natural color, or give them to add color, the color is a designer in a variety of methods to avoid creating effective tools. For color recognition and grasp, should be the basic principle of the colour of all-round, multi-level knowledge: knowledge of the colour language in three dimensions is the three elements of color, regardless of any color, all have the important properties of the three basic. Hue, lightness, chroma, commonly referred to as the three elements of color or color three attributes.
       Color by all sorts of light source the light, the light wave length, strength, scale, different nature, formed the different colours, called light color.Color is light color object by the absorption and reflection of the object, and then reflect the light color in human visual sense of the object color and natural color.Although modern all kinds of exhibition decoration paint reconcile can mediate a subtle color is very close to nature, can use natural plant dyestuff to achieve this goal, but designers often will use natural color characteristics, clear material medium "this use of the intrinsic material color we call this the natural color.
       Designers often seek out those who present a natural color beauty booth materials, and then to show them in some way, so as to obtain the sublimation.We can see from Chinese traditional furniture design in the visual charm of rosewood, kimo purple in colour red woodiness firm heavy, sink into the water, texture fine floating, everything changes."Natural history key" mentioned in the "new color red, the color purple, old crab grain lines, new with water, can be dyed from furniture can be seen in the pictures of color map the texture dense, via waxing polishing, and air oxidation, gradually evolved ChengGongZi, dark purple."Tonal dark and sedate, have quaint serene feeling, "this is the main characteristics of rosewood furniture. If traditional Chinese furniture design is embodied rosewood is natural texture and color level, booth material the use of texture and texture is artificially processed, the purpose is to, details, color also can be combined with the environment at the same time, the expression of" natural "philosophy.