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Social recruitment JOBS

post:Four senior 3 d designers

1, more than five years experience in exhibition design company, has drawn strength is preferred, familiar with construction materials, production technology, exhibition design and construction process;
2, honesty, diligence, work a strong sense of responsibility. 
3, has the good team cooperation spirit, can coordinate the exhibition project adapt to work overtime; 
4, familiar with design software, and so on3dmax understand IIIustrator, Photoshop, CAD software, rendering is delicate, familiar with the production of the construction drawings; 
5, artistic expression and control ability, good at creative project plan is preferred.
6, basic salary + commission, have double cease and the national legal holiday.

Job descriptions

Independently complete the design drawings and effect drawings of large and medium-sized projects, construction, etc., can provide effective ideas and leading or cooperate with team work.

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